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Trauma-informed Mental Fitness

Transformative coaching

Based on evidence-based research in Neuroscience and Positive Psychology, Mental Fitness is aimed at improving the percentage of time our mind serves us rather than acts against us. By strengthening our Mental Fitness and improving our Positive Intelligence Quotient or PQ (Shirzad Chamine, Positive Intelligence), we strengthen our Inner Wisdom/Sage by creating new neuropathways that allow us to live a life of Meaning and Purpose.

Every client will have the opportunity of taking the Positive Intelligence PQ program as part of coaching with me:

Social and historical contexts of trauma stem from systems of exclusion, including various forms of discrimination based on Indigeneity, race and racialization, gender and gender identity, sexual orientation, differing abilities, income inequality, insecure employment, food insecurity, among other factors. The primary factors that shape health and well-being are the social conditions in which people live and work – conditions known as the social determinants of health. A trauma-informed approach considers the social contexts and cultural realities of clients in order to shift or change that reality rather than merely adapting to it. This is an approach I also integrate into my coaching.